Handspun Yarns

Begin with beautiful fiber and you are bound to end up with beautiful yarn! Colors and textures vary...one of a kind! 

Handpainted Roving

Roving colors are dyed because of a sunset I saw or a flower that made me look twice. Fall groupings are always in my dyepot as I live in the Catskill Mountains where fall is so colorful.....almost anything catches my eye so one never knows whats next! . ​

Raw Wool and Alpaca

I have begun ordering raw wool to be able to have fiber carded for all....not just my mom!  Are you a spinner or a felter then this is for you...some dyed...some natural with alpaca, angora or silk blended in.  These wools and alpaca are all from the usa and supports local farmers as well.

Handmade finished items for sale

​This is a favorite among many....handmade hats, scarves, ponchos, handmitts, vests as well as my own goats milk soap...from the girls!  

With all of the fiber arts shows cancelled there is a fair amount of goods to be had!  Looking forward to our winter show where one will be able to peruse all the goods for holiday gifts as well as personal warm wear!

Winter is on its way !

Our favorite hat by far!!!!  Depending on the fiber content it comes out different all the time!...

handspun, hand dyed, handwash!    wool and angora

Sunny has been at it again!

Little girl dresses.....this one sized 2-3   Easy care in non pilling acrylic and super soft! Draw string waist and a lace edge makes this a one of a kind treasure

This is a size 2/3 jumper crocheted with all the colors of the rainbow! Straps cross in the back to stay on and attach to the front with cute buttons. 

Another piece by Sonja...sunnie....mutty

Opening Slowly

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to reserve a chair on Sundays or email [email protected]

Come on Sundays for some fun!

*1st Sunday    Hooking

*2nd Sunday   Spinning

*3rd & 4th Sunday  Knitting

Join us from 10-3 ...send email to let me know you would like to come by...bring your own lunch and always we love to see what everyone is making so show and tell is a must!